The Unvirtues

Enlightening self-interest in relationship

A non-shaming approach to the worst in us


Unvirtues Defined

Acting ethically - or virtuously - is about living in a connected and caring way. No one is perfect, so sometimes the best you can do is try to act virtuously, and acknowledge your failings. We call these ‘failings’ the Unvirtues. Because no matter how hard you try, at some point you are going to impact someone you care about in a negative way.


Unvirtues Workshops

These are challenging and yet fun events. With encouragement and support you can find out how to recognise and own your Unvirtues. We apply the creativity of Gestalt therapy, to bring your darker sides into the light. We explore ways to bring this into relationship in a way which is enlivening and empowering.


Unvirtues Products

Its hard to recognise your Unvirtues, especially at the time when you are doing them. We hope that these fridge magnets will help you have some more fun with your lighter and darker sides. Acknowledgment is the antidote to shame and hiding. So put them on your fridge toay and start playing!