Virtues and Unvirtues Lists

And this is just for starters






Always have to be right, one-eyed, smartarse, know-all

Team-player, humble, curious

Angry, ill-tempered, bitchy, irritable, surly, explosive

Calm, generous, good-natured, easy-going, amiable, forgiving

Anti-social, misanthrope, withdrawn, shut down

Engaging, interested in others, accepting

Anxious, fearful, agitated, apprehensive

Self-confident, peaceful, centred, calm

Apathetic , slothful, lazy, indolent

Industrious, action-oriented, interested, alert, energised, conscientious, perseverant, inspired

Argumentative, quarrelsome, contrary, disagreeable, fractious, confrontational

Agreeable, peaceful, reconciliatory, open to persuasion, good-natured, easy-going

Attacking, dumping, critical, blaming

Non-judgmental, praising, tolerant, helpful, fair, self-restrained, self-reflective

Bully, belligerent, intimidating, pushy, bossy, authoritarian, domineering, overbearing, heavy-handed, oppressive, dictatorial, imperious

Mutual, respectful, receptive, cooperative

Careless, slapdash, neglectful

Careful, meticulous, concerned, diligent, excellence-oriented



Cold, icy

Warm, open

Collapsed, floppy

Persevering, ambitious, tenatious






Relaxed, allowing

Corrupt, perverted, rotten, depraved, crooked, duplicitous, traitor


Cowardly, fainthearted, weak-willed, spineless, lack of nerve, timid, insipid, wimp

Brave, courageous, solid, confident, firm, strong, valorous

Cynical, jaded, pessimistic, negative

Positive, enthusiastic, zealous, hopeful, open-minded, optimistic

Deceitful, dishonest, unscrupulous, cheating, fraudulent, lying

Guileless, honest, integrity, honour

Defensive, hypersensitive, self-justifying, rationalising

Non-defensive, open to criticism, secure, humble, sense of humour

Dependent, clingy, energy-sucker, co-dependant

Self-reliant, independent, giving, boundaried, autonomous

Depressed, morose

Hopeful, optimistic, cheerful



Dirty, unkempt, slovenly

Clean, neat and tidy

Disloyal, treacherous, opportunistic, unfaithful,

Faithful, loyal, reliable, devoted, committed, unwavering, steadfast, trustworthy

Disobedient, defiant, oppositional, resistant

Obedient, respectful, cooperative

Disowned aggression, passive-aggressive

Owned aggression

Doubtful, undermining, mistrust, suspicion

Enthusiastic, visionary, constructive, supportive, faith, trust

Emotionally avoidant, superficial

Authentic, deep, self-knowledge

Evasive, deflective, cagey, slippery

Straightforward, direct


Honest, realistic

Falsely modest




Gluttonous, excessive, greedy

Moderate, sharing

Gossipy, back-stabbing

Discrete, keep secrets, direct, upfront

Gross, obscene, crude, boorish, vulgar

Courteous, tasteful, refined, polite, gracious

Hard hearted


Hasty, in a rush, undignified

Dignified, paced

Hateful, revengeful

Forgiving, loving, concerned for others

Hog the airspace, attention-seeking, self-aggrandising, boastful, loud, egocentric, opinionated

Interested in others, open, modest, quiet, attentive


Patient, forbearing

Impervious, isolated, self-focused, stone-waller

Empathic, connected, relational, communicative

Impulsive, reckless, rash

Considered, cautious

Inconsiderate, insensitive, unaware of others, cavalier, diffident, self-absorbed

Thoughtful, considerate, sensitive

Inconsistent, hypocritical, two-faced

Consistent, steady, integrated

Indifferent, aloof, unreachable

Caring, available

Inflexible, stubborn, rigid, stuck, obstinate, close-minded, intractable, pigheaded, dogmatic

Flexible, creative, curious, accepting, negotiable, open-minded, reasonable


Secure, faith in self

Insincere, faker

Sincere, genuine

Intolerant, judgemental

Tolerant, understanding, broadminded

Intrusive, busybody, interrupting, prying, meddlesome, nosy

Respectful, boundaried, self-contained


Responsible, accountable

Lustful, lascivious, wanton, lewd, sleazy, debased

Sexually boundaried, clean, chaste, sober, heart-centred


Candid, upfront, non-controlling

Masked, closed, secretive

Open, candid, honest

Messy, disorganised

Orderly, neat

Nagging, snippy

Differentiated, crisp-boundaries

Naive, gullible

Discerning, worldly

Offensive, foot-in-mouth

Tactful, diplomatic

Other-oriented, obsequious, ass-kisser, solicitous

Upright, dignified, assertive

Over emotional, dramatic, reactive, storm-in-a-teacup

Emotionally stable, even, cool-headed

Perfectionist, anal

Realist, relaxed

Permissive, enabling

Boundaried, tough-love

Petty, small-minded, cheapskate, miser

Liberal, magnanimous

Possessive, grasping, envious, jealous

Generous, trusting

Predatory, invasive, rapacious, exploitative, wolfish, user

Sensitive, respectful, boundaried

Prejudiced, bigot


Prevaricating, indecisive, uncommited

Resolute, clear-purposed, decisive, steadfast, committed


Can-do, problem-solver

Procrastinate, tardy

Disciplined, prompt, punctual

Promising more than can deliver, over reaching, over estimating

Deliver on promises, realistic

Resentful, bitter, grudge-carrier

Forgiving, speaking-up

Resistant, stuck, rigid

Willing to grow, open



Rude, discourteous, insolent, impertinent

Polite, courteous, reverent


Praising, positive

Scheming, devious, sly, crafty, cunning, dodgy, shifty, conniving, sneaky

Transparent, upfront

Self-destructive, self-defeating, self-hating

Self-fulfilling, self-accepting

Self-important, vain, conceited, arrogant, self-righteous

Humble, modest, unassuming

Selfish, self-interested, self-centred, self-seeking, ruthless

Altruistic, concerned with others, service oriented, non-attached, selfless, self-sacrificing

Shaming, contemptuous, scornful

Accepting, including, valuing, loving

Socially disconnected

Socially sensitive

Spendthrift, wasteful

Thrifty, frugal, economical, prudent

Sullen, morose, dour

Cheerful, light-hearted, joyful

Superior, grandiose, snob, pretentious, condescending, elitist, pompous, officious, patronising, disdainful, superscillious

Simple, uncomplicated, unpretentious, humble, mutual


Trusting, having faith

Thieving, covetous


Uncontained, over-enthusiastic, exaggerator

Restrained, modest, realistic

Undisciplined, self-indulgent, hedonistic

Self-discipline, temperance

Unfair, inconsistent, biased

Fair, just, unbiased, impartial

Unfriendly, hostile



Thankful, grateful

Ungrounded, unstable, flustered, scattered

Grounded, solid, dependable, centred, focused

Unkind, mean, spiteful, malicious, vindictive, sadistic, cruel, dangerous, heartless, persecutor, hateful

Kind, non-violent, merciful, compassionate

Unrealistic, practically disconnected

Practical, realistic

Untrustworthy, unreliable, inconsistent

Trustworthy, reliable, dependable

Victimy, whining, complaining, self-pitying, martyr, hypcondriac

Assertive, voice neeeds, grateful, accepting, tolerating, enduring, strength, sinew


Meek, compliant

Wordy, verbose

Frank, to the point, succinct



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